"You are Mosscloud. This is your destiny. StarClan chose to let you live again so you could follow your first path, to be a great warrior, to have a mate and kits of your own, to fight and hunt for your Clan after caring for them so long from the medicine cat's den. Honor StarClan for their decision, and be proud of everything you have achieved in both of your lives. This is all your destiny, Mosscloud."
Squirrelfern to Mosscloud in The Forgotten Warrior, page 218
Current: ThunderClan
Age: approx. 76 moons (6.3 years)
Medicine Cat:
Frostpetal, Dawnstorm
Thrushwing, Darkcloud, Specklefur, Hawkpaw
Mentor(s): Jayflight
Apprentice(s): Palecloud
Book Appearances
Living: Twilight, Sunset, The Sight, Dark River, Outcast, Eclipse, Long Shadows, Sunrise, Petalshine's Story, The Fourth Apprentice, Fading Echoes, Brindlestar's Omen, Night Whispers, Sign of the Moon, The Forgotten Warrior, The Last Hope, Smokeflower's Silence, Gorsestar's Storm, The Apprentice's Quest, Thunder and Shadow, Shattered Sky, The Ultimate Guide
Mosscloud is a large, soft, long-furred tom with blue fur, a broad head, a long, sleek, bushy tail and blue eyes.

History Edit

In the Super Edition Arc Edit

Gorsestar's Storm Edit

Mosscloud is seen sharing tongues with Nightbreeze in a patch of sunlight. Lilystream points out that she would probably be expecting kits soon. When he is chosen to go on the patrol that will visit Snowstar, he touches his nose to Nightbreeze's, and is told to be careful. When Brackenwhisker, a ShadowClan elder, tells Gorsestar to go back to his own territory, growls are heard from Mosscloud and Grayfoot. The ThunderClan cats go back to their own territory. Later, Mosscloud is seen inviting Hazelgaze into a patch of sunshine. 
Mosscloud is seen going to a Gathering. When crossing WindClan territory, he tells the apprentices that they don't need to fight since they were going to a Gathering. Later, Moscloud is seen talking to Nightbreeze. Nightbreeze complains that a branch from a beech tree whacked her on the head. Mosscloud purrs and states that it was only a twig and she had to get used to being injured. 
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In the New Prophecy Arc Edit

Twilight Edit

Duskflower gives birth to him, although unnamed, along with three other kits, during the badger attack. Mosstail, the ThunderClan medicine cat, sacrifices himself to keep the badger from killing Duskflower and the kits.

Sunset Edit

Mosskit is named in honor of Mosstail. Whitefeather, who had been Mosstail's apprentice, says she thinks it is a wonderful name. Mosskit is said to look exactly like Mosstail, with the same blue-gray coat and blue eyes. When Frostnose sees Mosskit for the first time, she lets out a squeak of alarm because of the resemblance. Mosskit's two sisters are named Darkkit and Thrushkit, and his brother is named Stonekit.
Mosskit does not appear very often, except when he is seen padding out of the nursery followed by Hollypool, who carries him back inside.
It was revealed to Whitefeather by Mudpelt that Mosskit is a reincarnation of Mosstail. As Mudpelt shows Mosskit to Leafpool, Whitefeather looks into Mosskit's blue eyes and watches him yawn and then go to sleep.

In the Power of Three Arc Edit

The Sight Edit

She has been made an apprentice, Mosspaw, and his mentor is Jayflight. He is one of Petalpaw's closest friends, and the whole Clan speculates the budding romance between the two young cats.
When Petalpaw has her first battle training session in the mossy hollow, Mosspaw has already started his training session. When Jayflight sees how well Petalpaw is performing, he suggests that she should try training with Mosspaw.
When he and Petalpaw are training together, Mosspaw gets some moss stuck behind his ear, and he flicks his paw while grooming. Whitefeather seems shocked after seeing this, and tells Petalpaw that Mosstail used to flick his paw exactly like that. Petalpaw senses a strange feeling coming from Whitefeather and wonders why she feels strange about the paw flick.
When the Gathering patrol returns to camp with Cinderwhisker and Amelia, Flamestar asks Mosspaw why he isn't asleep and he tells him that he doesn't want to sleep until he hears about the Gathering. Mosspaw wants to help get Cinderwhisker and Amelia settled and runs off, crashing into Grayfoot. Grayfoot tells Mosspaw how much he seems like his brother, Mosstail, who was killed by a badger not long before he was born.
Stormclaw is seen complaining about Sweetcloud's wheezing. Squirrelpaw discovers that Sweetcloud has the disease greencough, and reports it to Whitefeather. Whitefeather sends Jayflight, Squirrelpaw, and Mosspaw to go to the Abandoned Twoleg Nest to gather some catmint. It turns out that all the catmint was killed by the leaf-bare frost, and they only find a couple of short stalks. They head back to camp and give Sweetcloud the catmint that they found.

Dark River Edit

Mosspaw follows Petalpaw out of camp one night to look for Nightpaw. He tells Petalpaw that Nightpaw may be doing something she will live to regret, and would only cause pain. It is possible this was specifically referring to Whitefeather's forbidden affair with a WindClan warrior, which Mosstail would have remembered. They find Nightpaw by the lake, playing with a WindClan apprentice named Ryepaw. When Nightpaw sees Mosspaw, she asks Petalpaw if she had brought all of ThunderClan with her. After quarreling with her sister, Nightpaw storms back to camp.
During an assessment with Pinepaw and Petalpaw, Pinepaw is about to fall from the Sky Oak when Mosspaw saves him. However, he falls instead and breaks his hind leg. Furthermore, Mosspaw tells Petalpaw he is afraid of badgers and hopes he will never have to meet one again, despite never seeing one before this point.
While he is recovering in Whitefeather's den, Squirrelpaw enters his dreams. Mosspaw is walking around the old ThunderClan camp from the forest and is telling Squirrelpaw about it. He explains to her that he used to sleep in the apprentice den, and then moved to Rosecloud's den. His voice then suddenly ages and appears much older and wiser. He tells Squirrelpaw to tell Whitefeather not to worry, that she will recover this time, and that he is proud of her and has learned more than he could ever have taught her. Squirrelpaw goes through series of Mosstail's memories, such as getting hit on the Thunderpath, The Great Journey, and getting killed by badgers. Squirrelpaw then realizes that Mosspaw is actually Mosstail.
When Mosspaw wakes up, he vaguely recalls Squirrelpaw being in a dream with him in a forest (the old ThunderClan camp), but Squirrelpaw reassures him that it was just a dream. Squirrelpaw tells Whitefeather that Mosspaw is actually Mosstail and Whitefeather tells her that Mosspaw cannot know this. Mosspaw, despite being confined to the medicine cat den, is constantly asking Petalpaw to play catch with him, much to Whitefeather's despair. She knows that Mosstail can't recover and wants to make sure Mosspaw does. Later, Squirrelpaw intentionally gives Mosspaw the wrong herbs to see if he will know the difference. This angers Whitefeather, and she scolds Squirrelpaw for it, making her defend herself.
Later, he plays a game with Petalpaw. He is seen limping to the other side of the clearing.

Outcast Edit

Mosspaw continues to train with Jayflight, who shows concern about his injured leg, fearing that it is not completely healed. He does not like this concern, because he feels that it's healed, though pain can strike at it sometimes. Petalpaw tells Mosspaw her plan about concentrating on one part of training at a time so she can be a better warrior. Mosspaw says that it is mouse-brained, but then apologizes, though advises his friend not to do it.
Nightpaw is seen training with Thrushpaw, Darkpaw, and Mosspaw, while Owlwhisker looks on.
Petalpaw and Nightpaw go with their mentors to watch Jayflight and Mousetail train their apprentices, Mosspaw and Thrushpaw. As Mosspaw and Thrushpaw demonstrate an advanced battle move, Nightpaw asks Hawkclaw if she can try it, too.

Eclipse Edit

Mosspaw has his assessment to finally become a warrior. While leaping for a squirrel, his injured leg buckles and starts hurting again. This time, Mosspaw is very discouraged because his sisters, Darkpaw and Thrushpaw, get to become warriors before him, becoming Darkcloud and Thrushwing. Mosspaw is angry, due to the fact that he wants to sit vigil with his sisters, not on his own. He stays in Whitefeather's den for a while, not wanting to move his leg. When Squirrelpaw comes up with the idea of swimming, she says it might help, so he tries it. The swimming helps with his pain, enough for him to walk easier, because he can move the muscle in his leg without having to put weight on it. Before Sunpelt gives birth, Mosspaw and Petalpaw talk about her and the future kits, and whether they will have any of their own. Petalpaw asks Mosspaw if he knows if Sunpelt had names in mind for them. Mosspaw said that she hadn't because Whitefeather didn't want her to, because sometimes it was best to see a kit first before naming them. Petalpaw jokes that she must have been a soft kit.
He gossips with Petalpaw that he has been seeing Rainwing and Mapleclaw starting to share tongues together.
When WindClan attacks, he stays back in the medicine cat den, but says he will attack if needed. At the end of the battle, Mosspaw gains his warrior name, Mosscloud, in honor of those who have been lost, along with Petalpaw and Nightpaw, who become Petalshine and Nightbreeze. Flamestar states, "In honor of those who have been lost," because Mosscloud was named after Mosstail, not knowing that he is Mosstail. It appears that when Mosscloud is getting his warrior name, Mosstail's spirit is watching him, glad he is finally getting to become a warrior. Mosscloud is happy that he's finally getting his warrior name after his long wait, and nuzzles Petalshine excitedly.

Long Shadows Edit

Mosscloud is mentioned only briefly throughout this book. Near the beginning, Petalshine joins him on a border patrol led by a ThunderClan warrior, Hawkclaw. While they are on it, Mosscloud confesses to Petalshine that he does not like going this way because of the recent battle in the previous book. When the patrol finds Blossomcloud and her three kits, RedpawAdderpaw, and Sagepaw, Mosscloud is amused when the three apprentices chant Petalshine's name, and jokes with his friend that she has three new apprentices.
Much later in the book, Mosscloud is seen coming into camp with a hunting patrol, and his weariness, caused by the growing number of sick cats, is sensed by Squirrelpaw.
Later, when Flamestar suggests that all the sick cats shelter in the abandoned Twoleg nest, Mosscloud is one of the cats to agree with him, willing to try it. The last time he is mentioned in the book is when he is seen working on the Twoleg nest, stuffing gaps with twigs to keep out the cold, along with Grayfoot.

Sunrise Edit

Mosscloud expresses disbelief when Quailpelt sticks up for Comet, saying that he was seen near the WindClan border. Later, when his sister Darkcloud is bitten by a snake saving Hazelkit, he runs to his sister. He is horrified and grief-stricken when she dies. Whitefeather stares at him desperately, as if expecting help from Mosstail in him, while Darkcloud is dying.
After the Gathering in which Petalshine announces her real parents, Mosscloud pads up to Petalshine and questions Petalshine about what she has just done. Petalshine claims that what she had done was the right thing, but Mosscloud disagrees, saying that she had only caused more pain. He is shown to be more like Mosstail during this moment, showing great wisdom. After, he pads away.

In the Omen of the Stars Arc Edit

The Fourth Apprentice Edit

Mosscloud receives his first apprentice, Palepaw. It is mentioned that Petalshine's death has effected him greatly, and that he had to be excused from patrols for the first moon afterward. Smokepaw and her mentor, Nightbreeze, go with Mosscloud and Palepaw to fetch water from the lake. While he, Palepaw, Nightbreeze, and Smokepaw retrieve the water, Palepaw starts sniffing at a dead fish, making Goosefur, a RiverClan warrior, think that she was stealing prey. He almost attacks her, but he gets stuck in the mud. Mosscloud scolds him for scaring such a young apprentice.
Mosscloud stays with Palepaw and Smokepaw while Nightbreeze and the others take Goosefur back to the ThunderClan camp for him to get looked after. When Palepaw is upset that they aren't going on the patrol to take Goosefur home, Mosscloud tells her that they will go to the training clearing to practice battle moves.
Mosscloud is later seen expressing concern for Thrushwing, who is pregnant with Owlwhisker's kits.
At a Gathering, Mosscloud sympathizes with Nightbreeze after he catches her trying to ignore Redwhisker. He tells her there is nothing wrong with having friends in other Clans, even if they weren't kin. Later on during the Gathering, he comments about how Brindleflower was trying to change Streamstar's mind.
Mosscloud later goes to Squirrelfern because he's concerned about Thrushwing. He tells her that she was still upset about Darkcloud's death. Squirrelfern sighs, and tells him that there is no cure for a cat that was just sad. Soon afterward, Mosscloud bursts out how much he misses Petalshine, and Squirrelfern unhappily agrees with him.
Mosscloud helps Squirrelfern tend to the scratches on her flank when she returns home with Thrushwing.

Fading Echoes Edit

Gorsefur assigns Mosscloud to patrol with him, Smokepaw, Palepaw, and Nightbreeze.
Mosscloud and Nightbreeze are seen teaching Smokepaw and Palepaw how to hop from tree to tree as a battle strategy. Mosscloud tells the two apprentices that Stormclaw swore that in the old territory, he made it from the Great Sycamore to the camp without touching the forest floor. Smokepaw asks how far it was. Mosscloud tells her that it was about as far from where they were to the hollow, annoying Nightbreeze, because he knew this even though he had never seen the old territory.
In the middle of the night, he and Nightbreeze go for a walk due to Nightbreeze having trouble sleeping, and he expresses her concern for Smokepaw and Palepaw's worsening relationship. Nightbreeze, who doesn't seem to care, appears to annoy him, but it wears off.
Mosscloud teases Nightbreeze by asking her to climb trees with him, but then he tells her he remembered she didn't like to climb trees. The two race each other to the lake and Mosscloud dares the black-furred warrior to get her paws wet. Nightbreeze replies that she wouldn't.
Mosscloud goes into the water and starts to swim, apparently still remembering the moves Squirrelfern had taught him. Nightbreeze teases him about being a RiverClan cat, when Mosscloud jumps up to his defense, saying that he is a ThunderClan cat, through and through. Nightbreeze then says that she is glad that he is, showing some affection for him. Misunderstanding her, Cinderheart says that ThunderClan was the best Clan to be in. Mosscloud then sadly admits that he is still in love with Petalshine, much to Nightbreeze's horror.
The two go back to camp. In the morning, Nightbreeze expects Mosscloud to be friendly because of their walk the night before, but he only acknowledges her hurriedly before he leaves, possibly because he is angry with Nightbreeze for being indifferent about Smokepaw and Palepaw's tense relationship.

Night Whispers Edit

Mosscloud follows Nightbreeze out of camp and goes for a walk with her when she can't sleep. When an owl startles them, and they race to the abandoned Twoleg nest, he shows concern for Nightbreeze, asking her if she is alright. He joins her on an early patrol.
Mosscloud then takes Palepaw and Smokepaw out for training with Owlwhisker, in which Smokepaw doesn't pay attention, then goes hunting alone with Palepaw.
Later, Nightbreeez is daydreaming about the night before where the two took another moonlight walk to discuss Palepaw and Smokepaw's training. Nightbreeze asks Mosscloud if they are more than friends, and Mosscloud teasingly asks her if she hadn't already guessed yet. When they take out their apprentices, Nightbreeze looks at Duskflower and Grayfoot together, moving as one, and pictures her and Mosscloud like that one day and their kits running around at her feet, and, guessing her thoughts, Mosscloud brushes her cheek and states that he would like that too, though he accidentally calls Nightbreeze by Petalshine's name, which hurts the she-cat, though she doesn't correct him.
Afterwards, when Nightbreeze goes off to drive a fox off the territory, Mosscloud sees her covered in blood. He frantically runs back to camp, thinking that the blood was her own. He is frightened by the amount of blood, and panics, causing other cats to think that Nightbreeze is near death. He waits for her until she is done getting treated.
Nightbreeze then leads him to a spot behind a bush near the medicine den and tells him that he doesn't need to worry about her ever getting hurt because she is part of a prophecy. Mosscloud is at first calm about this, and looks like he understands, but later loses control. He claims that he couldn't be Nightbreeze's mate if she was part of this prophecy. He runs back to the warriors den with a wail.
He is then seen talking to Whitefeather and whispering something in her ear, and Nightbreeze senses with dread that he might be telling her about the prophecy, but rethinks it and says she still trusts him.
He then goes on a hunting patrol with Nightbreeze, Smokepaw, and Whitefeather near the WindClan border, and observes Nightbreeze and Blackfur fighting over a thrush. When Whitefeather breaks it up and tells them to head back home, he whispers, "You could have killed him" to Nightbreeze and she asks why he was so concerned over a WindClan warrior. She gets frustrated over this and asks Mosscloud to stop treating her like a two-headed fox. Mosscloud retorts and says that he doesn't know how to handle her having her power.

Sign of the Moon Edit

Mosscloud gives Palepaw her warrior assessment. Flamestar is experimenting with new strategies, one of them being assessing an apprentice with two warriors instead of just their mentor. Mosscloud receives Sunpelt to help him.
During the warriors' ceremony, when Flamestar calls on Mosscloud to tell him how his apprentice did, Mosscloud replies that she is excellent at battling, but her hunting could use a bit more work, as a vole was right in her presence but it took her longer to catch it. Mosscloud says it was a messy catch. Then, he calls on Sunpelt to give her report. Sunpelt also gives a good report of Palepaw. Palepaw then becomes Palecloud, and Nightbreeze's apprentice, Smokepaw, becomes Smokeflower.
While hunting with Nightbreeze, he talks about the prophecy and appears thrilled and in awe that he's part of it. This annoys Nightbreeze, thinking that he feels no loss of not being mates anymore, but she later realizes that his mew is tinged with sadness. When he kills a female blackbird, he acts strange, sadly saying that he never had a mate or kits. Nightbreeze tries to comfort him, but Mosscloud turns on her claiming that she does not understand and flees in to the trees, leaving Nightbreeze stunned. It is more likely that it had been Mosstail speaking instead of him. Whitefeather mentions him while talking to Nightbreeze, saying that Mosscloud cares for her, even if Petalshine still has his heart.
When out in the forest with Nightbreeze, DewcloudHailwhisker and Hazelgaze are attacked by a dog, and Nightbreeze saves him with some help from Hailwhisker. Hailwhisker is so busy showing off in admiration of Nightbreeze that he is nearly killed by the dog. Mosscloud comments warmly to Nightbreeze that she is a hero.

The Forgotten Warrior Edit

Mosscloud is excited to see his true love Petalshine again, and is the first one to see her when she enters camp after being away for so long. Nightbreeze realizes with a jolt that he will no longer want to be her mate anymore, now that Petalshine is back. However, this proves to be false, because though Mosscloud loves Petalshine more, the latter grows closer to Pinetail.
Mosscloud learns of his past life as Mosstail when Squirrelfern visits him in a dream after being told to do so by Rosecloud. He feels all the memories, feelings, pains coming back to him, and even knowledge. He is confused, and wonders who he is. Squirrelfern reassures him that he is Mosscloud, and tells him that he should honor StarClan for letting him live the life he was destined for.
He is on a patrol with Nightbreeze, Daisyfur, and Wolfspeck. Nightbreeze notices he is distracted, and sneaks up behind him, and tells him there is a WindClan patrol ahead to see if he's alert. He then becomes angry with her, and the patrol gets back at camp they see Pinetail and Spiderpaw curled on the ground in pain. It becomes clear to the Clan that they accidentally poisoned themselves with water hemlock. He manages to save their lives while Squirrelfern is checking on her marigold plants outside of camp. He instructs Whitefeather how to do things while Nightbreeze wonders how he knows so much about herbs. Once the two are safe, Mosscloud's past identity becomes known to the rest of ThunderClan, and he can't decide whether to be a medicine cat or warrior. He snaps at Whitefeather for keeping his past life a secret from him, and runs out of camp. Nightbreeze follows him, and encourages him that she is Mosscloud, and he always has been. He replies that he wasn't always Mosscloud, and that he walked this path before: loving some cats he cannot have, referring to Petalshine, and first Icestorm.
Eventually, Mosscloud decides to move into the medicine cat's den and acts as ThunderClan's second medicine cat, although he is unhappy in this position. He spends lots of time with Petalshine and cats whisper about them becoming mates once more. Often, Mosscloud feels unhappy and confused about who he is and who he believes he is.
Later, Mosscloud asks Squirrelfern where his destiny lies. Squirrelfern replies that StarClan gave him a second chance so he could have a mate, kits, and live the life of a warrior that Mosstail was denied because of his injury. Squirrelfern then says that Nightbreeze would make him happy, even if he couldn't have Petalshine and he responds by thanking her. He later joins the warriors in the battle with WindClan, abandoning his post as medicine cat.

The Last Hope Edit

Nightbreeze is still upset about not being able to be with Mosscloud, and he fights with a ShadowClan patrol, and forces herself to be defeated by Brackenwhisker, so that she could show Mosscloud that she can choose her own destiny by getting hurt, regardless of her power.
Later, Mosscloud speaks to Mosscloud about being able to choose his own destiny. Mosscloud tries to argue, but she states that he can be whoever he wants to be, and that he has his own life too. Mosscloud says that he chooses the life of a warrior, to be with Nightbreeze. When he says that, Mosstail's spirit separates from Mosscloud, leaving him with his own spirit. Mosstail whispers thank you to Mosscloud, and he tells Nightbreeze that Mosstail is set free. She asks him if he will fight with her in the final battle, and he replies by saying always, and the two get back together.
He participates in the battle against The Dark Forest. His best friend's mother, Frostnose, is killed after saving Palecloud from Boulderclaw and having a brutal fight with him. She manages to defeat him and have him run away, but at the expense of herself as she dies from loss of blood afterwards. Mosscloud is angered at this, and fights with all of his strength, stating that the Dark Forest cats are fox-hearts.

In the A Vision of Shadows Arc Edit

The Apprentice's Quest Edit

Mosscloud does not formally appear in The Apprentice's Quest but is listed in the allegiances.
When Willowpaw falls out of a tree and hurts her leg, Lionpaw remembers that he heard Mosscloud had the same thing happen to him, yet he had broken his leg and had to spend moons in the medicine cat den before he could use it again.

Thunder and Shadow Edit

Gorsestar sends Mosscloud as part of the patrol to check the gorge for SkyClan, even though he has no idea about the Clan’s existence. When he returns, he immediately goes to report to Gorsestar. They don’t find anything, and Mosscloud reports there were stragglers but they were just loners. There were no signs of fresh nests or anything at the gorge. It was deserted. Gorsestar declares SkyClan is lost, and Mosscloud and Petalshine glance at each other in surprise. Lionpaw asks if they are giving up on the prophecy, and Mosscloud points out they still have Shimmerkit and Tulipkit. He shifts his paws, reminding them they were found in shadows and might still have a part to play. Lionpaw wishes that he could believe him.
Later on, Mosscloud sits down in the middle of a downpour, guarding the nursery. It’s discovered that there are dangerous rogues at the borders, and Gorsestar sends Mosscloud as part of the patrol to warn RiverClan. Shimmerkit insists to go with the patrol going to ShadowClan, and Mosscloud stares at the kit. She is refused by Lionpaw and the blue warrior moves closer to the kit to wrap his tail around her. He states that Lionpaw is right since she cannot go out to the forest because she’s too young. Especially in bad weather and with rogues snooping around. Shimmerkit pulls away from him, still insisting. Moons later, Mosscloud starts padding to the camp entrance with his patrol. He suggests stalking squirrels first as they’ll be sleepy and slow.

Shattered Sky Edit

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In the Field Guide Arc Edit

The Ultimate Guide Edit

He is mentioned on Mosstail's page. Mosstail returns to the Clan at the moment of his final breath as Mosscloud. He appears on Nightbreeze's page. Nightbreeze falls in love with Mosscloud, despite him loving Petalshine. When Mosscloud learned about the Kin Of Your Kin prophecy, he saw himself as nothing but a distraction from Nightbreeze's greater destiny. Nightbreeze fought the hardest battle of her life to make Mosscloud understand they choose their own destinies and being together will not diminish her strength. Nightbreeze accepts that Mosscloud will always choose Petalshine over her, but is happy to raise a family with him nonetheless.
He next appears on his own page.
Mosscloud is born to Duskflower the same moment Mosstail is killed. StarClan allowed his spirit to return as Mosscloud. He becomes a warrior apprentice, training hard to learn how to hunt and fight, unaware of his connection with the medicine cat. After an accident in which he falls from a tree saving another apprentice, Mosscloud is disturbed by vivid dreams wherein he walked through the old forest, knowing every den, every cat's name and every herb. He tries to ignore them until Squirrelfern walks in his dreams showing him that they are memories of a former life. Mosscloud is consequently torn between his warrior ambition and his useful knowledge of herbs. He feels trapped by the prospect of being destined to be a medicine cat and only Nightbreeze is able to convince him that he could choose his own path. Mosscloud chooses the life of a warrior, alongside Nightbreeze and Petalshine, and he feels Mosstail's spirit becoming disconnected from Mosscloud's body slowly and taking his place in StarClan.

In the Novellas Edit

Whitefeather's Wish Edit

Grayfoot tells Whitefeather that his kit, Mosskit has fleas and asks if she can soothe the bites. Whitefeather imagines the kit scratching himself and tells Grayfoot to tell Duskflower she’ll bring something over. His bites are treated with marigold rubbed into his fur. Mosskit squirms so much that Whitefeather suspects that he will be sharing the dose with his siblings. Later, Darkkit and Stonekit come out to play while Thrushkit and Mosskit step delicately on the snow-covered grass. Mosskit looks around and spots Whitefeather, heading over to the medicine cat. His tail is straight in the air as he asks about Flamestar as he has heard there was an accident. Whitefeather reassures him he’ll be fine, and Mosskit comments a Clan needs it’s leader. Whitefeather is surprised by the wise remark, remembering how he always seemed older than the other kits. She also remembers how Mosskit would watch his Clanmates with a gaze that seemed very distant. Whitefeather detects a smell underneath the scent of the nursery on Mosskit but before she can check, Duskflower calls her kits back in.

Petalshine's Story Edit

When Petalshine is given poppy seeds, she feels just like she did when she was back in ThunderClan, sharing a nest with Mosscloud.
Mosscloud is seen when Gorsefur sends Nightbreeze and him, with their apprentices to find what caused the noise at the top of the hollow. Petalshine feels a tug at her heart as she realizes how much she misses Mosscloud.

Brindlestar's Omen Edit

Mosscloud does not formally appear in Brindlestar's Omen but is listed in the allegiances.

Smokeflower's Silence Edit

The Great Battle is over, but there are many injuries and deceased. Whitefeather is quick to treat an injury on Mosscloud's flank, while Nightbreeze worriedly watches over. After the vigil for the fallen, Mosscloud carries Sweetcloud's body alongside Oakwhisker, Nightbreeze and Quailpelt. The warriors mark a space for Sweetcloud's body while Quailpelt gives instructions. Nightbreeze pricks her paw on a root, and Moscloud asks if she's okay. His voice is heavy with meaning, as Nightbreeze shouldn’t have been hurt by a harmless root, but she insists she is fine. Two sunrises later, Mosscloud announces that Snowstar has arrived in ThunderClan camp. He exclaims that the ShadowClan leader is so old he is barely alive. He goes to help Oakwhisker fix the dens after Snowstar leaves. When Nightbreeze tries to go on patrol, Mosscloud protests, reminding her he told her she needed to rest and can’t go until her claw heals. Nightbreeze insists it's fine, but Mosscloud tells her to not take it out on him, and should see Squirrelfern to check if there’s an infection. Instead, Mosscloud goes on hunting patrol with Nightbreeze, Smokeflower and Palecloud. He catches a pair of baby voles and when everyone catches something, they all head back.
After a Gathering with no mention of the Great Battle, Nightbreeze points this out and Mosscloud looks thoughtful. He says that it’s perhaps the best way to recover, returning back to before as quickly as possible, since they won the Great Battle so change isn’t something they need. Days later, Nightbreeze and Mosscloud join Thrushwing's patrol after Petalshine tells the Clan to sort their own patrols. A different patrol, however takes on a fox and Smokeflower is stunned and injured. Mosscloud's patrol hears and runs as fast as they could to find them. Nightbreeze tells him to keep an eye on Smokeflower and races to fight the fox. Mosscloud exclaims he has never seen a fox fight like this, and is instantly worried about the patrol's wellbeing, but lets Smokeflower lean on his shoulder. The fox snaps at Nightbreeze, and Mosscloud exclaims that she will be killed. Smokeflower says she will be okay, although Mosscloud reminds her that she has lost her powers. Smokeflower explains she has to, but Nightbreeze is still a brave warrior, and not to take that away from her. Mosscloud holds her gaze then admits she is right. On the way back to camp, Mosscloud lets Smokeflower lean on his shoulder.

Trivia Edit

  • When Mosscloud goes to StarClan, he will either go as Mosscloud, or as two separate cats, Mosscloud and Mosstail.
    • The latter is proved true in The Last Hope, when Mosstail's spirit separates from Mosscloud.
    • Kate Cary revealed on her Twitter that Mosstail was given a second chance by being reborn as Mosscloud, but Mosscloud developed his own destiny, so Mosstail let him go.
    • Kate Cary revealed on her blog that reincarnating Mosscloud was Vicky's idea, and how fully connected Mosstail and Mosscloud were became blurred as the story planning progressed.
    • Kate has said that the Erins left Mosstail reincarnation of Mosscloud blurry on purpose to let readers use their own imaginations to "fill in the gaps".
  • Kate has stated that Mosscloud does have kits with Nightbreeze after the events of The Last Hope. She is contradicted by Vicky, who says that Lionblaze and Cinderheart have not had any kits yet.
  • He has been mistakenly shown with having amber eyes.
  • He was said to have become an apprentice with his brothers, when he has only one brother.
  • Mosscloud's true love is Petalshine, and he will always love her more than Nightbreeze, despite not taking her as a mate.
    • When asked if Nightbreeze is aware of this, Vicky and Kate both stated that she is, but that she's just happy with being Mosscloud's mate at all.
    • Petalshine is not aware of this, and her true love is Pinetail.

Character Pixels Edit

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